TL24 series push-pull round electrical connector, the connection method is the push-lock block lock, the linker has a quick plug, easy to use, small size, dense

High degree, good environment resistance, beautiful appearance, good shielding and so on.

TL24 Series Connector Technical Features

Working temperature: -55°C~+125°C;

Relative humidity: 90% to 95% (40±2°C);

Working pressure: 4.39KPa~101.33Kpa;

Salt fog: 96 hours in 5% NaCl fog;


Vibration: 10Hz~2000Hz, acceleration 147m/s2, instantaneous breaking ≤1μs;

Impact: 490m/s2, instantaneous breaking ≤ 1μs; mechanical life: 2000 times

Socket: Differential pressure 1.01×105Pa, no air bubble leakage for 1 min;

Headstock insertion: 1m water depth, 2h no water seepage;

Insulation resistance: ≥ 5000MΩ (normal)

Working current: 3A (22#)

Contact resistance: 12.5 mΩ

Operating voltage: 400V (AC)

Electric pressure: 1000V(AC)

Electrical continuity between enclosures: 5 mΩ

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